Voltrec 3D

3D Asset Scanning 

Increase collaboration - share 3D models with engineers, builders, and contractors.

Voltrec offers a full range of 3D Scanning services and solutions at each phase of the asset life cycle.Through digital transformation and premium immersive 3D experiences, we help businesses connect with their clients in new and innovative ways

Services & Solutions from Voltrec can help you to:

  • Improve productivity  
  • Optimise efficiencies 
  • Reduce time to market for faster and more accurate quotes 
  • Reduce cost of site visits 
  • Asset condition report in 3D 

Services & Solutions from Voltrec range from immersive 3D scans Integrated cloud based access and asset tagging.

Whether for a single asset or an entire plant, Voltrec combines knowledge, experience and technologies by bringing your asset to life using high quality professional tools including 3D cameras and drone technology.